About  Me 


I am a 24 year old Brighton drum instructor offering tuition to students at any level of experience. I am available to travel for home teaching, or alternatively at a local Brighton rehearsal studio. I currently teach students ranging from the ages of 6 - 50+ so all ages and abilities are welcome. 

My experience includes: 
- 14+ years of playing drums 
- BA (Hons) Degree. Awarded a 1st - in Professional Musicianship (Specialising in Drums)

- Educated at the Brighton Institute Of Modern Music
- Grade 5 Music Theory 

- 100% Student Pass rate for Grades
- UK Touring experience 

- Over 3 Years Teaching experience


I have been teaching for over 3 years now since finishing my degree in professional musicianship at BIMM. I am originally from Colchester in Essex but moved to Brighton for the degree and have stayed here ever since. I started teaching drums to friends before moving to brighton and loved the experience of showing other people how fun the instrument is. I have always been into all aspects of drumming so after my amazing experience at university, teaching was an easy choice for me. One of the main reasons I love teaching the drums specifically, is because learning the basics is fun, and you'll playing along to songs in no time! 


When someone new comes for a lesson, I always ask why they want to learn the drums. Is it to play along to your favourite songs, do you have ambitions to join a band, do you want to study grades, or just have fun behind the kit? I ask this so I can cater to exactly what you want as a student, helping you get to where you want to be. For me when I was younger, the drums just seemed cool though so that's a good enough answer as well.

I find the key to staying motivated to learn something like an instrument is interest, so my teaching style is based around that. I try to find what people are interested in, whether that's a genre of music or a specific band, and I work around that. I also like to show my students new points of interest as well though. Whether that be a new genre or a band, this usually helps to help keep them inspired. This really helped me and still does to this day.



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