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What an amazing feeling it was getting back to playing live in 2021! I almost forgot what that buzz of being on stage was like, and it was an incredible reminder of why I'm constantly on the go travelling around London and Brighton from rehearsal to rehearsal. I'm so glad live music is back for everyone!


I have been very lucky to be busy since things have been coming back, and I have played with incredible artists live and in the studio such as: Edie Bens, Steven Bamidele, Only My, Caleb Harris, Rosie Mark, Scoop Monty, Sienna and of course my own band Congratulations.  

Of course I can't not mention my first end of year student drum gig. Wow what a way to round out the year! I had 11 kids hit the stage to each perform a track that they had been working on throughout the year, and I couldn't have been prouder. Most of these kids hadn't played live before, and the ones that had, hadn't played more than a few times. Which is exactly why I wanted to do this gig; to give them all valuable experience playing live and provide them all with something to focus on and look forward to during our drum lessons. On top of that, we all had so much fun! Keep an eye out for future student gigs, as I'll definitely be doing more! 


January 2022


Click the picture to watch a video of the gig!

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